Un questionario per i membri del GRELL

In vista dell’organizzazione di un seminario sul futuro del GRELL, Jean Faivre e Franco Berrino vi invitano a rispondere a un breve questionario.

TO MEMBERS OF THE GRELL                                                          

January, 15th, 2010 

Dear friends,
The GRELL has three aims:

  • promote cancer registration in Latin countries
  • promote and realize multicentre epidemiological studies
  • contribute to the education of researchers and technicians in cancer epidemiology

The first goal is now a reality, but cancer registries must adapt their tools to address new questions, mainly the molecular revolution in the classification of cancer, the evolving diagnostic technology, and the development of screening programmes, that have dramatically modified the epidemiology of cancer.

Concerning the second aim, very few collaborative studies have been performed and for the third one, several one day workshops have been organised in the past (however, more can be done).

The board of the GRELL met in Paris on October 30-31 decided that that on Wednesday, May 12th, the workshop preceding the plenary meeting will be devoted to the future of the GRELL. We plan to have two groups in the morning, one mostly devoted to methodology in cancer epidemiology with the aim of proposing collaborative studies and to identify possible methodological workshop. The second one, more clinical, to set up some collaborative studies in the field of descriptive epidemiology, survival or management of cancers. A general assembly will follow in the afternoon.

Some studies, based on available data in cancer registries, may be performed without funding; others will need funding to collect complementary data. It can be found in each country. One possible source can come from the "Union pour la Méditerrannée" or EUROMED promoted by President Sarkozy. The GRELL has the legitimacy, with more than 30-year experience, to be the main interlocutor.

In order to prepare the workshop on the future of the GRELL, could you send back the accompanying questionnaire to Jean FAIVRE (elected President of the GRELL during the Paris meeting) with a copy to Ana MIRANDA (General Secretary). We do hope to have an answer from all registries involved in the GRELL.

 With our best wishes for 2010.


In allegato è disponibile il questionario del GRELL.


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